Custom dices

Custom dices

We can produce a variety of personalized custom dice. We develop your idea into a die, we can produce a wide variety of Custom Dice. We can manufacture your design dice: for a game, for a publicity event for commercial promotions, event cultural associations, leisure, sports or special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and other festive events.

We can produce any custom dice as wood and plastic (16 mm. 18 mm. 22 mm. 36 mm.)

The finish of the plastic is Custom Dice (Opaque, Gem, Pearl, Marble or Oblivion finish) and wood Prefabricated dice have to customize:

  • A face, 1 or face 6.
  • The 6 faces.

According to the given material (wood, plastic) and the measure is needed because the minimum order. For plastic dice the minimum order is 25 units.