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  • Penkamino Board game

    Penkamino Board game

    PENKAMINO the funny game of the times tables!

    Game to help memorize the multiplication tables.

    Instruction in english, french, german, portuguese, spanish, catalan, basque


  • Chessboard 45cms.

    Chessboard 45cms.

    Colours: Ivory

    Sizes: 450mm  45 cms.



  • Pyramide Magic Game

    Pyramide Magic Game

    Colours: Smoke

    The magic pyramid

    In Egypt, pyramids were a symbol of greatness and power that went beyond nature.

    They were the resting place of pharaons, a sacred shrive, from which the could lead "to another live".

    The game, inspired in some drawings of Tutan-Khamon tom and little bit disguised by us, fives a good influence on those who have it at their home.

    Build the pyramid and let the magic be with you.

    With patient, skill and four pieces, you can build the magic pyramid. You can use the plastic box as a support.