Royal Games is a company that has everything that is needed to make and get a parlor game.
Royal Games SL was founded in 1992 and is probably the largest supplier of dies, accessories and components for games that can be found in Spain / Europe.
In our factory Dice & Games are manufactured components, dice and board games, dice dots in various sizes: from 5 mm. to 36 mm., dice with numbers given spherical, poker dice, dice astrological educational dice, dice with letters, dice neutral polyhedral dice (dice roll), pawns, tokens, pedestals, bases for figures, miniatures, sandtimers, spinners, dreidels, cups, miniature figures (plastic and metal), bags of dice, custom dice to advertising promotions.

We offer: 

  •  Dice
    We manufacture a variety of dice from 5 mm. up to 50 mm. in different materials, finishes and colors. We offer the discounts given for board games (Parcheesi dice game, dice board game ...), poker dice, roll dice, dice i given mathematical education. We supply all types of dice, displays for dice, dice boxes and dice games.
  • Custom dice
    We can produce a variety of personalized custom dice. We develop your idea into a die, we can produce a wide variety of Custom Dice. We can manufacture your design dice: for a game, for a publicity event for commercial promotions, event cultural associations, leisure, sports or special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and other festive events.
    We can produce any custom dice as wood and plastic (16 mm. 18 mm. 22 mm. 36 mm.).
    The finish of the plastic is Custom Dice (Opaque or Pearl finish) and wood Prefabricated dice have to customize:
    • A face, 1 or face 6.
    • The 6 faces.
    According to the given material (wood, plastic) and the measure is needed because the minimum order. For plastic dice the minimum order is 25 units.
  • Accessories and Gaming
    We manufacture all types of accessories and complementes to complete their games. Sheets of different measures, laborers, pedestals, bases for figures and miniatures, spinners, sorra watches, dreidel, etc..
    You can also accompany game accessories with bags and buckets.
    Figures and manufacture of plastic and metal miniatures for your games. We offer the ability to produce custom shapes on request. We need to provide an outline of the figure design with this sketch make a sculpture in resin for approval and later started manufacturing this figure - miniature.
  • Custom Arcades
    If you have the idea of a game, we will resolve the manufacture and production of everything needed for a board game of high quality. The box, inner tray, board, cards, instruction sheet and all its components.
    Our custom games give you the opportunity to advertise, promote, educate and communicate nearing its customer in a friendly, nice and relaxed with a great visual impact that will endure over time giving the message that you want.
    Be original and create your own custom games, or let our creative department to help you develop from your idea. 
  • Custom Puzzles
    We manufacture custom puzzles with your design in different varieties of format and number of pieces. We produce cardboard puzzles with box or without box advertising. The puzzles range from 20 pieces up to 3000 pieces.
    Our puzzles will give you the possibility to advertise, promote and educate in a friendly and relaxed environment with great visual impact. 


Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility (CSR) also named Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a new business philosophy that incorporates them three facets of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.
For a Royal Games SL has always been common practice without being demanded by our customers and society have applied since its inception. It is a concept by which voluntarily Royal Games SL integrates concern for environmental and social fear, their business operations and in their interactions with others. In the social sphere Royal Games SL it is very present, so much so, that works with employees / workers with mental and physical disabilities. While environmental issues in the company continues to pursue a policy of using recycled elements in the production of games.